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My Sister’s Keeper

A Transitional Home for Women



We are women…young and old, who have hopes, dreams and aspirations just like you.

But perhaps unlike you, we’ve taken some twists and turns in life that have led to our homelessness.

But just because we are homeless, doesn’t mean we are hopeless. Instead, it may mean that we have fallen on hard times and need a little help to get back up.

We are our Sister’s Keeper!

At our long term Residential Program for homeless women we seek to empower, inspire and encourage women who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and sexual exploitation to re-discover their worth and value, change their lives and regain their independence.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and nurturing community where adult women prepare themselves for permanent housing, become emotionally, physically and financially independent, continue the healing process and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Our Vision

To live in a world where

NO ONE is forced to live outside

or in uninhabitable places.


Women Who Have Survived Homelessness, Abuse,
and /or Addiction Deserve a Second Chance at Life.
That’s Why We Help Provide…


This is a Defining Time in a woman’s life when she, through the help of a caring community, separates herself from the dark, dehumanizing world of homelessness. And just as important, it’s a time of separation from the destructive patterns of thinking and behaving that brought her to a place of homelessness


This Is Where Epiphanies happen. It is the critical point when residents turn the corner and become fully persuaded in their own minds that positive change is needed in their lives. They adapt a can-do attitude and garner the spiritual, physical and cognitive strength to fight hard for their future. It’s here that they start to explore the endless possibilities for their life.


Through Many Community partnerships, we connect Residents to an array of services, including case management, Food, clothing, Medical, dental care Trauma Focused Mental health counseling and therapeutic services, document and ID retrieval, help with  Resume writing and job placement assistance

Services We Provide Include:

One of the most precious things that a human being can possess is a safe, loving home—a space of their own. At My Sister’s Keeper, we’ve created a comfortable, cozy setting where survivors of homelessness can experience relief and restoration in the warm, inviting setting of home.

Women who are homeless often experience physical and sexual abuse. Almost all will require some form of medical care. Through public-private partnerships, My Sister’s Keeper provides medical, women’s health and some dental services all free of charge to the resident.

Many women will come to our home with some form of substance abuse or addiction. Referrals will be made for those who require an intensive in-patient facility to help them overcome the addiction bondage. My Sister’s Keeper will provide intensive out-patient substance abuse counseling.

Some women literally will come to the home with the clothes on their backs . We work with community partners to provide clothing and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is My Sister's Keeper funded? How does My Sister's Keeper provide services to its clients? How do women enter My Sister's Keeper Residential program? How long can women live at the Life Matters Residential? How can I help?

Get Involved

We’re always looking for volunteers and partners. Contact Jennifer Simmons, Program Manager, at 910-920-2283, If you would like to get involved. Here are just a few of the ways you can help:

  • Provide daytime or evening transportation
  • Assist in fund development
  • Be a mentor
  • Develop communications – Newsletters, Flyers, Social Media
  • Complete data entry
  • Provide education resources
  • Conduct a Bible Study
  • Participate in a Monday Evening Game Night
  • And more!

Wish List

Donations of the following items are always appreciated:

Gift Cards
Bedroom Slippers
Bath Towels
Toiletries for women (alcohol free)

Trash bags
Cleaning supplies
Laundry supplies
Paper products
Office supplies, adult school supplies

(grocery stores, chain stores, home improvement stores, etc.)
Toilet paper, Paper towels
Canned or other non-perishable foods
Coffee supplies



Contact us at 910-920-2283, if you are interested in learning more about mentoring

The Role of a Mentor

Listen Be non-judgmental Stay focused on the big picture Help mentee problem solve and assess how to make wise choices Maintain regular contact Commit to a one-year term Help mentee set goals, cope with stress, budget money, pass along job or housing leads Guide mentee in how to dress for an interview Help mentee figure out challenges like how to get to work Be friendly Work thoughtfully Build a relationship and develop trust

How Mentors Help

SUPPORT through a critical time of change and support in building relationships ENCOURAGEMENT to rebuild life and to recognize and avoid pitfalls that may lead to re-offending. Encouragement to make changes BUILDING self-confidence and self- esteem as well as trust in others …motivation …sense of direction …to widen horizons …to achieve goals …through issues CHALLENGE client to widen horizons and achieve goals PRAYER SUPPORT for any issue

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